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a succsusfull project starts and ends,
with proffesional time manegment.

Company Characteristics

In Lurtam we are leading in the engineering consulting area, our expertise is based on many years of
knowledge and experience in managing projects of construction and control schedules.

  • Management


    If we find one central aspect differentiates between people with outstanding achievements and those who can not find it in this context Nocn on punctuality.

  • Construction and Infrastructure

    Many Years
    of Knoeledge

    The modern world, global, is a complex and complicated than ever. This world requires great expertise particularly as dealing with complex systems.

  • Punctuality


    Over the years there have been significant changes in the way managers of companies and organizations. In particular, there have been radical changes in the way managers large companies.

  • Engineering consultancy

    Leading the

    One of the most important aspects in the field of project management and engineering design is the ability to perform full-time, at each stage of the project. Proper planning of the schedule must contain.


Building information modelling (BIM) is an method to allow efficient Construction planning & Design using 3D model
combine STRUCTURE, ARCHITECTURE & MEP + SCHEDULE create time line related modeling, 4D Modeling.
we create Visual schedule based on the 3D Model received from you, 4D using latest tech. software.
it allows you planning the project phases more efficient as well as perches phases, design phases, finance etc.

challenging and profitable environment
We at Lurtam
Believe that anything is possible

A project management company knows how to pour order and stability for every customer while emphasizing the main thing and work with critical data for the project.

We at Lurtam consulting and engineering are proud of personal meeting with the client, and the attention to detail in the project, while maintaining the fast pace of work, deadlines, without compromising on quality and complete transparency.

Lurtam Consulting and Engineering is the right choice for your next project!

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schedules Control

Planning and management - an essential part and parcel of every project in the field of construction and infrastructure.